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  • I am eighteen years old,
  • I am a straightforward teenager,
  • No necessitate for love,
  • Currently studying at University Tun Hussein Onn of Malaysia formally known as UTHM

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    Scroll down please ! and enjoy my stories !

activate my BLOG back..!

now i'll start my stories back after 5 month im resting to editing this blog..!! actually i thought i dont want to use this blog anymore bcoz i dont have any idea to write anything huhu..!! but after i met my lost friend and after 4 years we met in facebook haha sounds like funny rite..hahaha but something change me when i met with her back hmm bcoz i memorize my memories with her with my ex Nadhilah whoa!!, when i was standard 6 at SKUYB huhu..!!

here it is some stories about Faiznur A.K.A Eieiasuki Alohasukitera hahaha i dont know how her name can convert from Faiznur goin to Eieiasuki sounds like nonsene + ridiculs = lalalala haha whatever la eiei what u wanna be i dont care bcoz im not ur husband haha..!! next, onenight I and Eiei was calling from Yahoo Messenger oopps in da same time i was use the headphone for our calling and i was heard that sound like "eerrkk..!! i ask her whats goin on..?? she just said x de pape i know actully that sound came from her stomach becoz at the time she said she so hungry haha i cannot forget that sound from my hear until now huahua..!! urh actully have a lot stories of EIEI but is ok i'll story next time haha..!!